This is about GCSE BIOLOGY B3 ........Is there any tips on answering graph questions and how science works questions?

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Loosing most of my marks on tables,graphs and how science work questions?any tips?

My teacher isn't great either so I'm desperate for help(my exams in 2 weeks) 

Posted Tue 8th May, 2012 @ 21:03 by anonymous

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For how science works, you need to understand the keyword from the ISA you must have learnt for examply definitions of reliability, accuracy, true value or any types of error, if you dont know them then google them and am sure there is something on ISA terminology you should be able to find.

As far as graphs are concerned, if its line graph then talk about: steeper line : faster increase or decrease, slopey line : gentle increase or decrease, and do include one or two figures, so depending on the graph just say between .... value and this..... value it decrease rapidly, however about ..... this point its starts to gently increases and then steadies out at ..... ! Bar charts are similar only difference is the length of the bars and just say large or small :D

That was just an example... see if you can apply it to your exam style questions. I think tables work in a similar ways to graphs. Only differnce there is no lines and you talking for about the figures in certain catogories.

P.S for any spelling mistakes, typing pretty fast :)

Hope it helps you! sorry if it doesnt.  But Good Luck !! and am sure you will be fine as long as you pratices on exam papers :D

Answered Tue 8th May, 2012 @ 22:56 by Gagan