There are 3 Geography GCSE exams. Could someone please tell me what each one is about?

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E.g. what is the content of each one?

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There are actually three exams and one controlled assesment (if you are working with Edexcel)

In Unit 1: It is about the environmental side of geography, so stuff about volcanoes and earthquakes. This exam is usually taken in year 10. There will be 6 sections, in the first four you have to answer every question. But in the other two sections there will be 2 sub topics in each one (like in my exam for question 5 topic one was on oceans and topic two was on coasts) you only answer the questions of the topic you have studied and leave the other sub topic blank (like I studied coasts so i answered them and left oceans blank).

Unit 2: This unit is to do with how humans inpact the planet. This exam is usually taken in year 11. You will study about things like population. The questions are set out the same as in unit 1 (with six sections)/.

Unit 3: This one is called 'Making geographical decisions' you will be given a topic which you have to study the pros and cons of. This exam is usually taken in year 10. My topic was the olympics because i took the exam last year. The questions will be about how the specific thing (the plympics for me) impact the environment and the people around the 'thing'.

Unit 4: This is the controlled assesment. This exam is usually taken in year 11. You basically get given two sub questions to answer an overall hypothesis, the hypothesis will be about a honeypot site (usually) such as the Peak District. Your answer to the overall hypothesis is set out in an essay style. You will go out and get your evidence yourself to write up and answer your hypothesis.

Hope this helps :):)

Answered Sat 30th March, 2013 @ 12:48 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR