Theory Of Mind Essay... Need help!! :3

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Hi guys ^^

Can you please help me on this essay:

Evaluate the evidence of ow humans develop a Theory of Mind (24 marks)

I've written a little bit about the rouge test and i'm gonna write about the sally anne test, but I need some evaluative points :3

Please help, thanks ^^

Posted: 27-04-12 12:56 by Fyzah :p

can i have your number plz?

Posted: 28-04-12 20:19 by Yas1

ermm ohkaii ^ lol wtf???

Posted: 28-04-12 20:21 by Sabah x

Ermm... We don't even know each other :P


Yas1 wrote:

can i have your number plz?

Posted: 29-04-12 16:52 by Fyzah :p

haha lol i tink he fell in luv wiv ya profile pic =P

Posted: 29-04-12 21:12 by Sabah x

Well, what can I say.... I'm a stunner :P

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Posted: 30-04-12 11:34 by Fyzah :p

hi - does anybody have any help regarding the Workinh Waves exam for applied science at A2????????????? thanks!!!

Posted: 30-04-12 11:52 by Zara Al-Sharifi

No Sorry :3

But you could make another discussion in the science section :D

Posted: 30-04-12 11:57 by Fyzah :p

yeah ikr ur jus 2 fit lolol =P

Posted: 30-04-12 14:22 by Sabah x

Well, you're not so bad yourself ;)


Posted: 01-05-12 11:26 by Fyzah :p

yeah tell me bout =D

Posted: 01-05-12 16:48 by Sabah x