'The Woman in White' and 'The lady in the Lake'

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I was just courious as to if anyone else happened to be analysining these text for AS English language and Literature?

My 6th form seems to be the only one, in need of some inspiration. 

Posted: 14-01-13 15:04 by kristyna clarke

My 6th form's doing it too. Is your's on the theme of identity?  

Posted: 13-03-13 21:16 by Jenny

Yeah, it is we're the theme of identity too!

They have to be te dullest books in the world. Hehe.

Hope your getting on with it okay.

Posted: 13-03-13 21:41 by kristyna clarke

Defenitely dull! Especially Lady in the Lake. We're doing the coursework at the moment with the creative writing peice. Have you done the coursework? 

Posted: 13-03-13 23:31 by Jenny

Kristyna, have you done your creative writing peice yet?

Posted: 04-04-13 20:00 by Jenny