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I know its probably a small thing to ask, but would it be possible to split the sections of the timetable feature of this site (which is incredible) into more detailed times (instead of 'early morning', 'late morning', etc.)? Perhaps it could be possible for us to put in custom times while still able to use the generator?

Again, I know its such a small insignificant thing to change, but I think it would help a lot in organisational terms!

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Posted: 30-05-12 16:55 by Ed

also it would be great if after we have had a exam if we could cross that exam off the revision timetable

Posted: 30-05-12 16:59 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Yeah, the timetable definately needs improvement. I made my own on word so that I could make it more specific

Posted: 01-06-12 16:38 by Kate Westall

after we have had a exam if we could cross that exam off the revision timetable

Posted: 01-06-12 16:54 by ELectrica!

I think that if it were split into say... 30 minute/ 1 hour slots I'd find it easier to follow

Posted: 02-06-12 18:01 by Neon

i think that the revision timetable should be in the form of a calender where we could jazz it up

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Posted: 03-06-12 17:10 by ELectrica!

it already is though? :P

Posted: 04-06-12 00:19 by Neon

I think you can already print it off as a calender in a pdf file, I just think it would help loads if we were able to customise the times slightly more (while still being able to generate the timetable using the exam priorities option)

Posted: 04-06-12 09:45 by Ed

yeah, the priorities bit was definitely one of the best things imo :)

Posted: 05-06-12 16:01 by Neon

i too agree with the times in the timetable, could we also have like a scale of 1-10 of how important the exams are to us as i find the slider so annoying if there are three exams which i need to put first or example.

Posted: 07-06-12 09:00 by Rhiannon J

I think slots would be easier. I also think it should be a lot quicker to make and change. It might just be me but it took me ages.

Posted: 08-06-12 16:42 by Kelleigh

Its not just you, it did take a long time, but it was worth it!

Perhaps it could be more like this image in structure? (In all honesty its probably just the times that could be changed)

Would it be possible to use something like that but using 1 hour slots?

Posted: 08-06-12 16:51 by Ed

yep, the time slots :)

Posted: 10-06-12 02:30 by Leah

Personally, I liked the early AM, late PM, early evening thing going on. I mean, really, how many hours are there in the day? Having these slightly vague times on my timetable made me feel much more relaxed and comfortable about revising whilst knowing I was getting necessary work done.

Adding in all these custom times, in my opinion, would only make it take even longer to create the timetable...

Posted: 01-07-12 12:40 by sammiecaine

That's a really good point, and don't get me wrong, the times already do not get in the way of revision, I only thought it would make a nice addition to the already great feature. I understand the current slots allow flexibility, but I have a really rigid way of revising so what you said is pretty much the opposite for me (as in I get more comfortable knowing exactly what I need to do and when, it clears my mind a bit more).

And, if you don't mind me asking, how would it take longer to make? Surely if one uses the same system with priorities and random generation then it wouldn't make a difference to the time? It's not like you have to fill the slots in one by one.

Thinking of that, actually, why not make it configurable? That way they could please those who like the flexibility as well as those who are too rigid with revision but they can't really help it (people like me). It would be a tiny feature, so there's no need to have a massive discussion about it.

Posted: 01-07-12 15:56 by Ed

I gave up trying to make the timetaable as I couldn't get it to work. :(

Posted: 04-07-12 18:06 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR