The importance of Samneric in Lord of the Flies?

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I've been wondering about this for a while - what point was Golding trying to make with these characters? Any views? 

Posted: 28-04-11 23:54 by Alice

Erm... that's a good point, I'm not very sure but I guess they were the only two who stayed with Ralph and were generally good although everyone was involved in the killing of Simon. they also watched the fire a lot and were the first to see the Beast from the Air. I just think they are neutral characters who play more a part in the novel than the other biguns or littluns (neutral, in the sense that I can't find any theme or important situation that they would fit directly into) 

That's it I guess. :)

What do you think?

Posted: 29-04-11 09:24 by Zoeeee