The Great Gatsby - AS English Lit.

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In chapter 1 when Nick goes over to the Buchanan's for dinner, doesn't he sound like he is quite smitten with Daisy, the way he narrates? Or is it just me? 

And if that is the case, why do you think he sound like that, but then later he is 'disgusted'?

I was just wondering... Cuz I'm revising for the exam in May.

Posted: 22-04-11 16:29 by Hanis94

im doing the exam in may as well. Nick does seem to be in awe of Daisy at first, her voice sounds as though it is 'full of money', she also comes from a 'white girlhood' . Daisy seems to radiate a sense of mystery and adventure which draws other characters to her includind Nick. 

The disgust may come after Nicks realisation of how callous and self absorbed these people are, they 'smash' things up and then 'retreat' back to their money. 

Posted: 01-05-11 16:11 by Chemzoik

I think Fitzgerald immediately wants to draw us in to the fact that Daisy is an intriguing, yet very flirtateous and self absorbed character, which outlines her for the rest of the novel- as her self centredness is essential to the destruction of characters and society throughout the book. If Daisy doesn't even have the decency to behave accordingly with a relation, so that her cousin Nick is as absorbed by her as everyone else, then it sets a certain tone for events to come. Nick finds the way Daisy talks quietly so as to draw people closer to her 'charming'. I feel this develops a respect for Daisy that she doesn't really deserve, but is also a comment subtle and distant enough to establish Nick as an outsider and the person trying to tell the story (whether he manages to objectively or not!). I guess he later feels 'disgusted' because he's always trying to put himself on a moral highground... when he sees Daisy and Tom for what they really are, he doesn't want anything to do with it.

I agree though... Nick does seem smitten... and Nick is definitely looking for that mystery and adventure!

Posted: 03-05-11 17:26 by H