The Gothic Genre ALevel

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Hi, I'm studying The Pardoners Tale, Wuthering Heights, The Bloody Chamber and Macbeth for the gothic. Anyone got any hints and tips for what they deem as gothic in either of the books above,


Posted: 02-01-11 11:20 by Jocelyn

bloody chamber is what i am studying to. it fits well in the gothic genre as.. well to be honest its not that hard. look at the settings, the ways in which characters are presented, what different things represent and symbolisae and you have your answer x

Posted: 17-01-11 12:02 by tasha

Hey,I'm studying Macbeth as one of my texts and my teacher uses a framework of considering gothic setting, gothic psychology, gothic style and gothic horror in each text. I found it useful for allowing comparisons etc. Bit late but I hope it's useful :)

Posted: 03-03-11 12:45 by E Roberts

Wuthering Heights is reaming with the Gothic, the time settnig and all the pathetic fallacy within the book links to the charaters moods. Like it is dark and stormy which relates to the similar personality of Heathcliff. :)

Posted: 15-03-11 16:35 by gabby romano