The Extended Project - Is it worth taking?

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So this is an extra qualification, which does count as an AS Level subject. For those who don't know, the EPQ is where we undertake our own project with independent research. We are expected to turn in a finished project and then deliver a presentation to a given audience at the end of the year.

It sounds as though it is a good thing to do and would look good on University application and so on. But I will also we taking four other subjects (all of which are heavily coursework based). So is it really worth the extra stress?

I'm in two minds about taking this. Part of me really wants to (it'll be interesting!) but the other part (and admittedly more rational part) is screaming no at me, telling me that it will be too much. So what are your opinions? I do believe I have the option of dropping out if I want to, which could be quite beneficial.. But I honestly don't know. D:

Posted Thu 12th July, 2012 @ 21:21 by Bexie

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Hmmmm it does sound like an awesome course :) But honestly, anything extra you do does count. Also, with increasing competition arising for universities, anything extra does count.

However, what is much important than that is you normal AS subjects. Universities would look at that first rather then this extra course :) 

I cant make the decision for you, but what i do suggest is that, if you think taking this extra qualification would affect your a levels, its not worth taking. hmmm... how about you take the extra qualification and see how it goes, if you think it starts affecting you a levels, just quit it :)

Hope i helped ^.^ ***

Answered Thu 12th July, 2012 @ 21:31 by priya777
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Well ill tell u my sitaution bexie! Depends really wot subjects your actually doing ! intially i was going to do extended project, but then i realised that maths, biology, chemistry physcis plus extende project will be too much for me !! Also extended project is easy but really long so try and prioritse your subjects first then see if you will be able to do extended project!!

sorry for not being much help

Answered Thu 12th July, 2012 @ 22:20 by Braniac
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What the others said really; depends on what you want to do. If your chosen degree is essay-rich, for example Law or English Literature then doing the EPQ would be valuable as (providing you get a good mark on the course) then it would show you have already started to develop skills needed to succeed in the course. Also, only take the course if you're doing 3 A Levels/can manage around 4 A Levels + EPQ.

Answered Sun 15th July, 2012 @ 15:09 by ClainDeLune Darlington
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i would go for it because as you say you can always drop out, so good luck with your choice :)

Answered Mon 16th July, 2012 @ 19:05 by ;)