the design argument

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ha ha aw dont worry we al have them :) and to emma its cool :) I WANT A'S he he lol ;)

Posted: 01-06-11 21:11 by Hannah

N'awwww :) Loves you Amy XD

Posted: 04-06-11 13:49 by Emma

Ohh and thanks Hannah!! hee hee XD

Posted: 04-06-11 13:50 by Emma

tis alright :) *** how are you finding the revsion then???

Posted: 04-06-11 16:25 by Hannah

Alright, bit stressful!! Lol, just need to go over a few more things which i dont get for maths, and might go over some more science!!

You should check out my videos :) They're on my profile, all to do with the sin cos and tan graphs and x squared etc.

I've had some lovely comments, made me really happy :D Soo kind!! Someone said I should be a teacher!! I was like awww!!! XD


Posted: 05-06-11 12:36 by Emma

ha ha lol at the teacher comment, thats really sweet. they are really good :) well done ha ha yer i think i am doing alrihgt its the history thats the anoying thing... but meh.

i thought everybody had done their science, why is there more????

Posted: 05-06-11 13:12 by Hannah

I do additional, it's like the last exam!!! :L You probs do triple, they're earlier!! lol!!

Posted: 05-06-11 14:05 by Emma

year thats right, o well goood luck :) i am sure you will do fiiiine :)

Posted: 05-06-11 14:05 by Hannah

btw just wondering by why are you attacked with a bit of paper??? :P

Posted: 05-06-11 14:25 by Hannah

Coz it was in my book but my book opened in the wind and paper flew out and attacked me :) lol!! Rather funny!!

Posted: 05-06-11 14:41 by Emma

Ohh and thanks :) Good luck for the rest of ur exams toooooo :D

Posted: 05-06-11 14:41 by Emma

ha ha thanks, yer it made me laugh cose it really did look like it was going to attack you ;)

Posted: 05-06-11 14:50 by Hannah

ahaa :D It wasn't on purpose, if it was I should have drawn a face on it !!! HEEEE HEE!

Posted: 05-06-11 15:15 by Emma

ha ha ha yeah and an eviol one at that |:< :P lol

Posted: 05-06-11 18:33 by Hannah

lol!! :D

Posted: 06-06-11 18:14 by Emma