the design argument

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when asked a question about the design argument what should you put, especily for the paleys watch and fingerprint thing. Thanks

Posted: 16-05-11 17:51 by Hannah

Not sure about the fingerprint thing!!

For William Paley, you should say how the earth is so complicated, it couldn't have appeared by accident - like a watch on a beach - it must have has a designer. There is also the Gouldilocks effect which describes how the earth is perfect for life, and once again proves there must have been a creator

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Posted: 16-05-11 20:39 by Emma

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Posted: 17-05-11 19:18 by Hannah

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Posted: 18-05-11 18:21 by Emma

The argument from design is as follows:

when people look at the world they can see that is has been designed, however not all people believe this. Many scientists say that they see evidence of design and creation from the process of evolution. Manhy religious believers disagree with the scientists and so they developed the argument from design.

 - Everything that has been designed must have a designer.

 - There is a lot of evidence in the world that the world has been designed because it is well ordered ( gravity, DNA, magnetism).

 - If the world has been designed there must be a designer.

In the analogy William Paley compares the universe to a watch.

 - A watch shows too much evidence of design and purpose for nobody to be responisble for its creation.

 - Who made it? A skilled person with a designing ming. If any object shows design and purpose then there must be a maker.

 - It is nonsense to say a watch existed by chance.

 - There are lots of different complicated life forms. Therefore someone must have made them.

Posted: 18-05-11 21:26 by Alice Deane

Very good explanation!! ^^

Posted: 19-05-11 15:00 by Emma

I've written a conversation between various scholars that outlines the teleological argument and some of its criticisms- a brief summary really,

Posted: 19-05-11 23:14 by Beth Haworth

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Posted: 20-05-11 17:36 by Emma

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guys i swear this is AS level Religious studies as im doing a level philosophy and ethics and had to know all about the watch analogy and ploatis cave thery, aristo9tles 4 cause etc...


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