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What are people studying for their professional dance works ?

Posted: 13-04-11 12:34 by Emily Farrant

At which Level of learning?

Posted: 23-04-11 17:23 by Lauren


Posted: 26-04-11 17:42 by Emily Farrant

Oh ok, Well I'm A-level so can't answer your question but might be abel to help if you have any problems with any of it... Good Luck!

Posted: 29-04-11 14:41 by Lauren

i'm studying perfect by motionhouse and swansong, what about you??

Posted: 30-04-11 21:21 by shannon johnson

We're doing Still life at the penguin cafe and the nutcracker :)

Posted: 06-05-11 10:27 by ruth

We're doing Still life at the penguin cafe and the nutcracker :)

Posted: 06-05-11 10:27 by ruth

im doing alevel if anybody wants to help me feel free lol!

Posted: 09-05-11 19:25 by sade adu

Well were doing still life at the penguin cafe and ghost dances :/

Posted: 10-05-11 17:47 by Emily Farrant

I'm at Alevel so I can't really help

@ GCSE I did ... The cost of living, birdsong and the car man

Posted: 11-05-11 15:15 by aimee katherine guest

im doing still life, ghost dances and nutcracker!

Posted: 13-05-11 14:42 by dakes

Ghost Dances and Perfect by Motion House :) Good luck on your exam :D

Posted: 14-05-11 13:24 by Nasia Bruce

im doing Swansong and Nutcracker.. but i have also studied Still life at the Penguin Cafe. :) good luck in exams :)

Posted: 14-05-11 18:37 by Lauren

Ghost Dances and Perfect, but did Swansong as well till my teacher realised you couldn't do both of them by the same choreographer :P oops! :P

Posted: 07-06-11 22:13 by Bethan

Rosas' Nutcracker and Swansong! :)

Posted: 02-11-11 19:21 by Grace

We're doing Nutcracker and Rosas Danst Rosas :)

Posted: 13-05-12 19:09 by Molly

We're doing swansong and perfect, good luck everyone!

Posted: 28-05-12 01:56 by Amber

I thik dance is an art that provides us so many fitness benefits. It is good to burn fat and also good for all body parts. I thik every kind of dance is useful so its training is important.

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Posted: 15-02-13 06:16 by Anord

We're doing Swansong and Still Life at the Penguin Cafe

Posted: 10-03-13 16:44 by Mullen

Is dance a real subject or?

Posted: 26-04-13 09:44 by Jack Barton

why are you wasting your life discussing dance its a joke of a subject

Posted: 26-04-13 09:44 by Joel Brocklehurst

Im a freak

Posted: 26-04-13 09:45 by Kumara Sangakkara