The Challenge

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Anyone doing the challenge after year 11 exams?

Posted: 13-05-12 16:07 by Preya

what's 'The Challenge'? :S

Posted: 13-05-12 16:10 by Hummi C

what challenge

Posted: 13-05-12 16:12 by LP-FTW

this like adventure thing for year 11 only :) someone came to our school to talk to us about it, it looks pretty good, type it into google :)

Posted: 13-05-12 16:12 by Preya

Oh.. looks good, but i'm away for summer, so can't :p

Posted: 13-05-12 16:15 by Hummi C

where you off to?

Posted: 13-05-12 16:16 by Preya

somewhere ;) i don't like to say :p

Posted: 13-05-12 16:17 by Hummi C

oh ok

Posted: 13-05-12 16:19 by Preya

Has anyone done the cinnamon challenge? I have. and i failed. 

Fun though

Posted: 13-05-12 16:36 by LP-FTW

no I havent heard of that, whats it about? :)

Posted: 13-05-12 16:44 by Preya

look on youtube. oh and if you want to do it- don't'!

Posted: 13-05-12 16:45 by LP-FTW

lol :)

Posted: 13-05-12 16:49 by Preya

OMG ,no way, i could never do the cinnamon challenge! Ergh! ;)

Posted: 13-05-12 16:49 by Leah

i would never do that! Have you done it?

Posted: 13-05-12 16:53 by Preya

Nope, not planning to either. I hate cinnamon! Especially when they are cinnamon flavoured jelly beans! urgh :(

;)( lol cinnamon challenge!

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Posted: 13-05-12 17:00 by Leah

it looks horrible! hahaha!! :D

Posted: 13-05-12 17:01 by Preya

Yeah, it does. Man... i should be revising... oh well :)

Posted: 13-05-12 17:03 by Leah

i did it. it was disgusting. my whole mouth dried up, it felt like i couldn't breathe. I heard someone nearly died from doing this. 

Posted: 13-05-12 17:09 by LP-FTW

i can imagine its sounds nasty man! whoa, almost died? so bad :O Leah so should I, but i really cba, even though i got a french listening paper tomorrow ha! :D

Posted: 13-05-12 17:11 by Preya

i'm doing this stupid english essay. BORING!! I hate essays 

Posted: 13-05-12 17:12 by LP-FTW

urgg, me too I hate essays, thank goodness im dropping english for a level, what u doing for your a levels? :)

Posted: 13-05-12 17:14 by Preya

Well I'm going to do Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths. Want to become a doctor or surgeon.

Posted: 13-05-12 17:17 by LP-FTW

I want to be in the household cavalry, but they don't take girls atm (SEXIST sigh)

Posted: 13-05-12 17:19 by Leah

That's actually really interesting. 

Posted: 13-05-12 17:20 by LP-FTW