The Big Bang

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This topic completely fascinates me. I find it amazing to think that the whole universe started from one tiny point. Also the Edward Hubble theory about how the universe expansing out is so cool. I loved doing P1 cos it was so interesting. Anyone got any ideas for revision on this unit?

Posted: 05-04-09 21:19 by Izzie Sims

I found that big bang thing awesome as well, bbc bitesize is a good revision site. I liked the life cycle of a star, who could guess that all our atoms come from a star? So the sayingis true.... we ARE made of star dust =].

Posted: 06-04-09 13:50 by Alice

Totally awesome. We need some more people on this study group. I think the Edward Hubble thing is sooo cool. The universe is expanding out and it must have started expanding from a point. Something must have happened to make that point, and thus the BIG BANG THEORY is born. Space is mindblowing. I love it.

Posted: 06-04-09 13:54 by Izzie Sims

Edward Hubble was probably very brave to tell everyone his theory because at the time everyone was all 'god made the planet etc'. I'm thinking that maybe being a scientist back then was not easy.

Posted: 19-04-09 16:36 by Alice

I know. I read an article recently about this huge star that exploded into a supernova and there was this huge spinning light field. it's been nicknamed God's hand because it looks like a hand. The coolest part is that the explosion happened around 17,000 years ago, it's taken that long for the lgiht to travel to our eyes. how amazing is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 20-04-09 17:31 by Izzie Sims

It is very amazing and seeming more and more easy to understand. Are we the only two people in this group? If not then people post!

Posted: 27-04-09 18:36 by Alice

i dnt know. i feel lonely.... post people! lets make this THE coolest physics group eva!!!!!!!!

Posted: 27-04-09 18:39 by Izzie Sims

totally breathtaking and amazing.

Posted: 07-02-11 05:41 by nottteliingmyname

It's all pretty interesting, if you wanted to learn more you should consider the astronomy gcse :) oh btw we arnt made from the atoms of stars..

Posted: 25-02-11 23:18 by Sam


Posted: 17-03-11 11:19 by David Franks