The best way to learn Vocab

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I've come across a revision technique for vocab that i've found really helpful, I learn about 100 words in about 10 minutes! So good.  

This is what i did:

1)Cut bits of paper up so you can you fit a word on them

2) put your vocab words on the paper, one on each piece (italian on one side, english on the other)

3) Underline the Italian in a colour and the english in another (i chose green and blue becuase of the flags)

4) Lay them out on the floor with all english/italian face up. 

5) Look at one at a time, and say the word in the language that is facing the floor. 

6) Once you've done all of them, do them the other way around, as quick as you can.

I've made a separate batch of vocab-pieces for each topic, but you could do it how you want. 


Posted: 01-05-12 19:53 by Tom