Tell us how you learn definitions.

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So how do you learn the definitions of key words e.g. homologous series, or stereoisomerism?

Posted: 03-05-12 21:09 by Oliver


Posted: 04-05-12 15:57 by Oliver

Put them on sticky notes and stick them in different places in ur room, that helps me

Posted: 04-05-12 19:12 by Lamise Hassan

I usually make up a funny or stupid story that goes with the definations so it always stick on my mind

Posted: 04-05-12 20:01 by Sabahat

Flashcards! They work for me every single time, I've made flashcards for all of my Sciences and then I get my mum to test me on them to see how many I know, it then becomes a competition which motivates me. I go through all 200 of them until I know them, my mum shows me the word and the definition is on the back :)

Posted: 06-05-12 18:42 by Brodie Elgood


Posted: 09-05-12 19:28 by Oliver