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the teachers at our school well some off them ...dont nessciacerialy want to help us they just leave us to whta we want like now im sat in biology and the teacher is sat there and we are doing as we want this year is so important to us and the teachers act asif they dont give a damm surely they should be helping us to get some grades instead off leaving us to do what we want?

what do you guys and girls think?

half off our class dont understand and have problems and are scared about exams because we havent learnt anything




Posted: 01-03-11 13:57 by bethanymay

thats exactly the same in our school aswell, its ridiculas. They get paid to help kids do well in there exams, but acttually they get paid to drink cupp of teas, eat biscuits and have a good old gossip.

When we had a really bad science teacher we didnt learn anything for nearlly 2 years, we just did pointless experimants for no reason, so then we started telling our parants and our head of science untill something was done about it, but if you cant do that then maybe do work what you think will help you and see how that goes?:D

hope this helped alittle bit:D


Posted: 01-03-11 19:11 by Pitttsieee;D

we have tried all off them things its the school they fail lol :)

we have tried actually nearly everything we've talked to our parents they've complained but the headteacher doesnt do anything she's all about a life long love of learning yeah well  maybe we would actually come out with better grades if our science teacher actually helps us

thanks for commenting and giving me some help



*** <3

Posted: 04-03-11 09:10 by bethanymay

itsss alritee! hahaha some teachers theses days get me angry, lmao:)

jess <3xxx

Posted: 07-03-11 16:51 by Pitttsieee;D

I'm only in year seven so I don't speak with experience, but our school's science teachers are useless. We spend nearly every lesson just copying from books, which in my opinion don't tell u much, u need 2 do practicals 2 tell how something's gonna turn out. All the while we're doing that, Mrs. thingiemubob is sat at her desk reading magazines!!!!!!! (National geographic magazines, but magazines none the less). They say they're gonna help u, but then when u ask 4 help they just tell u off 4 not listening, so y even bother? Only halfway through my first year at high school and I'm already regretting coming! 

Posted: 07-03-11 19:45 by Jess

well teachers know what they are doing, they have the qualifications and they know different methods for teaching, if you don't like their teaching methods go and talk to them or the head or even get your parents to contact the school. I'm in sixth form and if you want something done you've got to do it yourself

Posted: 15-03-11 12:51 by Jess

I think you should all just stop complaining. Teachers have worked hard to get where they are, and they have had to pass lots of exams. If you don't understand, contact school. But, if you want to get somewhere, don't just blame the teachers and not stand up to anything. You have to stop depending so much on the teachers. Anyway, is complaining at them really going to make them want to teach you?

Posted: 16-04-11 19:13 by Rebecca

i agree with rebecca you can't moan at teachers the more you moan and misbehaive they will become even more strict and noone will get on. There may also be other people trying to learn in the room who don't want any grumpy old moaners in a class (who does?) teachers have to work very hard planning a lesson and then people take advantage and throw it in their face. Teachers are friends and they love seeing people succeed which is a pleasure of the job.

I just done a teaching course and had to teach kids how to swim they kept on going under the water it was very annoying. I now don't blame school teachers if they moan or strict. some people at my college do need a good smack in the face.

Posted: 26-04-11 20:47 by Hayley

I have a mix of good and bad teachers

Until recently I had a really bad science teacher. She taught me all the way through yr10 and some of year 11, she then got suspended. She mostly taught us chemistry and a bit of physics. All we did was copy things off the board that ,she didn't explain very well, and do pointless experiments that always went wrong. She also had a really bad temper, she had this brick on her desk that she would hit whenever she got mad (it got hit a lot) I took my chemistry exam in january and I got a B, but most in my class got C or below so they have to retake  then in June which just adds to the stress of summer exams.

But I have a amazing geography teacher. He has taught me since year nine and just makes everything so clear. Before year nine I hated geography, i dreaded it, now I look forward to it, I'm taking it now for GCSE and I plan to take it for A level. I understand how hard it must be to be a teacher sometimes, it's only natural for them to get angry if everyone is acting like idiots (which they sometimes do in the class i'm in). But he hardly ever looses his temper and because of that neither do we, so then we learn more and find the work easier. I have a Spanish teacher who's like this as well, and I think teachers who are able to make boring things become fun, are the best type of teachers around.

Posted: 10-04-12 16:22 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I think your last option is getting a tutor.

I had to get a tutor cos all my science teacher goes on about in our lessons is the animals in africa.

I really recommend you get a tutor or speak to another science teacher.

Do something now.. before it's too late. *** 

Posted: 10-04-12 16:31 by Sasha

I have almost the same problem-my teacher actually teaches the lesson, but he's one of those teachers who expect us to know what he is talking about straight away because we're set one. What I do is do the work in the lesson, and I go over it again at home-I read the text book, answer questions-basically I'm doing what I'm doing in class, but at home, but at my own rate. However, if I don't understand anything I ask someone else in my class, because as cliché as it sounds, we can learn alot from one another : )

Posted: 10-04-12 16:38 by Lauren