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A brief guide to our SWOT analysis table

What makes an organisation or a person successful? What challenges have they had to face and how have they built on their strengths?

A SWOT analysis is a structured approach to assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project, business, organisation or even an individual.

Once a SWOT analysis is completed, it is much easier to set goals and objectives, and to identify priorities.

The things that give an advantage over others.

Issues with the business, project or staff that create a disadvantage relative to others.

External opportunities to improve your performance available outside of the business, project or person.

Issues externally that could cause problems to the business, project or individual.

Once a SWOT analysis is completed, subscribers can test themselves on its content.

Use our simple SWOT analysis table

See a fun example of a SWOT analysis: Wearing a Onesie!

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very useful when orgaqnising large infor into smaller/managable chunks


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