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If any member of this study group has any suggestions for revision notes on case studies etc then feel free to PM me and I'll type something up if I have it or just post suggestions here.

Posted: 13-02-10 18:09 by Gemma

New QUIZ on the World at Risk topic has just been uploaded. Check it out.

Posted: 15-04-10 17:29 by Gemma

I just uploaded some small notes of Philippines. They aren't hugely detailed and don't cover all the hazards but they are a start!

Do you know of any other revision notes on the World at Risk topic. Do you do rebranding or extreme weather as well?

Posted: 17-04-10 17:24 by Rebecca

I do rebranding and crowded coasts as well.

I have my own notes on the philippines and California. I could make some more.

Posted: 17-04-10 17:31 by Gemma

I just put up a source for Rebranding. They are bascially the Key words for the topic along with definitions.

Posted: 22-04-10 16:33 by Gemma