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welcome :) anything in particular you wanna discuss about business?

Posted: 08-01-10 13:54 by stuDYING

Well...... do u knw of any gud revision buks for business or any websites... i have gt a CGP buk bt it doesn't have enough info and where can u get past papers!!???

** =D

Posted: 28-04-10 19:36 by Rukhsar

hy :)

why dont you try this website where pastpapers

 are easily  obtained

hope u get what you want  ;)

Posted: 01-01-11 11:04 by Imi

you can also try for pastpapers and marking schemes. just register and you can download it all free

Posted: 10-02-11 11:13 by Elina Anderson

hey, just wanted to ask, if anyone has or uses the AQA Business Studies for AS. its by Ian Marcouse. i use it and its really helpful.

Posted: 07-03-11 17:31 by pryanka sharma

hey just wanting to know how do you guys revise for business studies cos i've tried writing up noted and learning from it and yet it still not good enough to get the top grades.

any tips? :)

Posted: 18-04-11 15:55 by Mimi