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Good Afternoon GR community,

Are you looking for a study buddy?

Are you looking for someone to help?

Panicking? -Don't because you'll need to look no further...


I am based here 24/7 for the rest of this week, and I am available for help with your revision this month and the next.

I can personally guarantee a state of the art service, with exceptional help.

Willing to help in all topics (Edexcel).

Methods to be used (upon will):

  • Screen-sharing; for many things like, editing work, correcting each other, going through a past paper in REAL-TIME, and many more effective possibilities.
  • Resource-sharing; hundreds of resources are available free of charge.
  • Instant messaging/ call; for a true-life, instant and fun revision experience.
  • At the end, a resource or two will be compiled between the student and I, of which will most definitely find its way uploaded for everyone to access on this site.
  • Other methods are open to suggestion.

Simple inbox me your email addresses, or other ways of contact, and I promise my do my utmost best to contact you!

Thank you all.

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Al [Moderator] wrote:

Evening GR community,

I am pretty sure its the afternoon?!? :/

Posted: 25-05-11 15:39 by Edward Pinches

just felt like bringing up the last discussion forum soo yeah


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