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Study Groups are platforms for you to collaborate with other clever members on Get Revising. You can chat, sketch on a whiteboard, and recommend great resources you've found around the site. 

Study groups there to support your learning. For instance, if you study biology, the biology study group is the place where you can chat, sketch and learn everything biology related. Draw diagrams, let other members teach you and chat about the parts you're struggling with.

Here are just a couple of scenarios where Study groups could help your work:

Group projects

You’re set a group project at school, but can’t meet as a group. No problem: Study Groups are designed to let you plan group projects online.

  1. First, head to the Study Groups page, and then click ‘Start your own Study group’, which appears on the right hand side of your screen. This is a subscriber feature.
  2. Name your group and fill out the other information. Take note of the ‘Membership type’ option—this will decide who can have access to the group. In this scenario, use ‘invite-only’, so you can specifically invite your classmates.
  3. Once your study group has been created, click ‘invite someone’ to invite your classmates.
  4. Your classmates will now be able to join and sketch out ideas, chat, and recommend useful resources to help tackle your group project. Once your plan is finalized, you can then publish and print it out.

Learning from the community

Exams are approaching and you need someone on your level to explain a physics equation. Study groups can also help you here.

  1. Enter the physics study group from the list on the left hand side of the Study Groups page.
  2. Click ‘Become a member’
  3. You can now see a live chat box, where you can chat to the group, and a private whiteboard, where you can sketch. Ask a member of the Study group kindly to take some time to help you with the physics equation.
  4. Click the collaborate button above the whiteboard—this will give other members access to your whiteboard.
  5. After naming the board, click ‘Share Write Access’ to decide who can draw on your board. Give the helpful member access and let them guide you through the equation.

We hope you enjoy Study Groups, and let us know about the ways it’s helped you!

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Posted: 05-03-13 15:27 by Ben - Admin

they are great

Posted: 05-03-13 18:21 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I've been anticipating this for quite some time, this will be the next thing in terms of collaborative working in classrooms. They look great!

Posted: 06-03-13 12:46 by Ben V.

i was a betaq tester for them i really like them 

Posted: 06-03-13 13:03 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR

Thanks everyone! Glad you're enjoying them. Keep the comments coming--we love to hear what you think :)

Posted: 06-03-13 14:34 by Ben - Admin

Beta tested them too; they are great!

Posted: 06-03-13 16:30 by shanij

water transport in plan

Posted: 06-03-13 21:18 by fatemeh Khoshgou

this is great!

Posted: 08-03-13 17:25 by jf4ever

this is getting better and better :)

Posted: 10-03-13 18:47 by Former Member

how do i join? 

Posted: 10-03-13 20:23 by charlotte

I was a beta teaster and I think they are really helpful. You can usually get help as soon as you ask a question, which is brilliant.

Posted: 13-03-13 16:45 by Tilly - Team GR

charlotte wrote:

how do i join? 

i know same, i dont know how to sign/join this?

Posted: 20-03-13 18:58 by Zakkiyya