Study Buddy?

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I really want an online study buddy :( 

Most of my friends do completly different subjects to me and it'd be nice to revise with someone who I don't know

I'm an A2 student doing Biology (AQA), Chemistry (AQA) & Psych (Edexcel)

But I'm also retaking my biology and chemistry AS's :)

If you're doing any of them, talk to me! :)

Posted: 29-12-12 14:20 by Kayleigh Nicholson

Im resiting unit 2 chem as and doing bio and chem for a level as well as maths x

Posted: 29-12-12 17:59 by Edward Pinches

im doing bio and chem AS and psychology too but im doing ocr bio and chem and aqa psychology...

Posted: 29-12-12 18:09 by idil

I would like a study buddy too!

I'm doing AS Biology (OCR), AS Chemistry (OCR A), AS Maths (OCR/MEI) and AS Psychology (AQA A) x

Posted: 29-12-12 18:46 by Re-Re