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Hi Guys & Gals! (LOL)

I'm doing OCR A2 Pshychology, Research Methods and Debates in the summer! Thought it would be cool if a dicussion could be started to pull everything together... So feel free to give your input and hopefully we can learn together. I've always stuggled with Psychology and I thought maybe trying something new would help me as well as others!

Posted: 22-05-13 10:30 by Aisha

So I'll kick it off... For the record I did Health and Clinical & Forensic for Unit 3, so those are the studies which I have knowledge of I guess (and of course the 15 case studies from AS)

APPROACHES: Cognitive Approach

Study: Yochelson and Samenow

·     Looks at mental process of decision making. Suggests criminals have a deficiency due to pre-judging situations.

·     The mind is like a computer. The study looks at the process of thinking patterns leading up to a decision. Faulty thinking could explain criminal behaviour. The processing was whether to change their perceptions. Output was the anti-social behaviour. Only a small no. of participants changed due to the study.

·     Thinking is a key principle of this study as it focuses on the criminal personality. Delinquents are empathetic for example.

·     On the other hand this study does not is the experimental method often associated with the cog. approach. This study uses a self-report method that looks only at one group of participants. To become an experiment this study could have added a control group.  Hope That helps!!!

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