Struggling to revise during study leave?

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Hi! So since Monday I've been on study leave but I'm really struggling to revise. I just don't seem to have the motivation to stick to my revision. I've made revision timetables but they don't help as I don't follow them. To be honest its got to the stage where I am terrified about my results already as I don't think I will get what I'm on target for and I don't want to let anyone down. I'm just worried because everyone has such high expectations of me and I don't know what to do.

I've tried going into school to revise but I just can't seem to focus there either so have just been walking into town to go shopping or I walk home. I've had four exams this week as well and when I finish each exam I've just been so mentally exhausted that I can't revise for the rest of the day.

Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this? I'm really behind on my revision, have another four exams next week and have done very little revision for them :/ help please!

Posted: 17-05-12 17:35 by LaurenE

Eating helps whilst revising! I don't get study leave because last year people didn't turn up to their exams!

Posted: 17-05-12 17:42 by Hannah

If it's at the point at which you seriously doubt your capability to revise alone, then perhaps you need to revise with someone else around. A lot of people get the problem where they get too distracted by themselves, and so they either revise with a friend, in a group, or if that's still going to be too distracting, then ask a family member to remind you your revising when you are, and keep you concentrated. Keep a bottle of water around you so you don't get dehydrated, as this can lead to a breakdown in concentration, and before you start revising make sure you have everything you need nearby, so you don't need to get up during your revision.

And if you simply can't get yourself together enough to begin revision, imagine how great it will feel when you get a's and a*s at the end of it all (and better yet, the look on all your friends faces XD)

Good luck with all your exams, and i hope i've helped :)

Posted: 17-05-12 17:43 by Hummi C

@Hannah, yeah I've basically eaten my way through a ton of sweets so far... :P and someone in my yeargroup got a phone call at 9am this morning when she was at home because she was meant to be in an exam! haha

@Hummi C thanks! that's really helpful! I'm planning to meet up with my friends to revise next week now and I'm going to revise at school were a teacher will probably notice if I'm not revising and will be able to remind me to work!

Posted: 18-05-12 14:16 by LaurenE

Don't worry it is really hard to stay focused when thier are so many distractions. Just do short revision sessions only 20 mins at a time with not distractions so you totally focus on what your doing. then do something else for a bit (but not ages) then when you go back to studying you will be foucused to do more work.

Also eat loads of chocolate. Thats what I do. :)

Posted: 18-05-12 16:56 by rhona

dont try to sit for like long periods of time...occassionally take breaks...and that helps u concentrate...and my teachers repeatedly remind me that having a revision timetable helps u relax and make sure u revise...they also said sometimes music...and even doing exercise helps...but its different for different people...

goodluck guys xD

Posted: 18-05-12 20:07 by Namita