Struggling to remember both Photosynthesis and Respiration for the Unit 4 exam

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Need revision techniques to help me recall photosynthesis and respiration when doing exam questions

Posted: 18-12-12 20:09 by Simaab Mahin

You could draw a flow diagram of all the different stages of photosynthesis or something. Ive got the unit 4 exam in Jan and i found it hard to remember it but the way i solved it was to do all the photosyn questions on the past papers and then use the mark scheme. It really helped me remember becauce i got so used to writing down the answers when making corrections that i eneded up remembering it all. Mabye you could try this method :) Hope this helped xD

Posted: 18-12-12 23:07 by Whitney Opara

Thank you , that was really useful :)

how are you feeling about the exam ?

Posted: 21-12-12 14:09 by Simaab Mahin

I found the cgp revision guide realy useful it was really clearly set out. Then re rworte everything out in a flow chart way. With the main stages of both set out bullet pointing important information about each stage. then past aper questions are really useful to

Posted: 21-12-12 15:25 by Edward Pinches

 I've got the aqa textbook, but it's really content heavy,

I also use the collins textbook because its more simpler.

Thanks for the advice, I'll try that.

Posted: 21-12-12 15:29 by Simaab Mahin