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You may feel that student life is a phase that is full of fun. However, that is not the case every time. This is the phase of your life with all the ups and downs. One day you may be partying. The other day you may be depressed and stressed for something that is not very important.

It is a roller coaster of emotions. You cannot determine when to be happy and when to be sad. However, it plays you pretty well. There are a lot of struggles of the students who are in university or college. Moreover, the struggles are increased when you are studying away from your home.


You can relate several of the struggles of student life that are written below. However, if you are not a student and you have been through the phase of student life. Can you still remember the tough days of your student life, when it was hard to make ends meet? Student life is a bittersweet combination of various things. You can never be super delighted or too depressed. The moment you are super delighted; the assignment comes in. This is when all your plans are doomed. However, you can take the help of the write my assignment online.

Besides that, there are a lot of struggles that you need to think of. Take a look at the struggles that are mentioned below. Let us know if you can relate to them or not.


Finding your voice

Sometimes you may feel that you are distracted and lost. It becomes very difficult for you to find a proper direction and the direction that your heart wants to go in. It is a common struggle that most students in the university and college go through. You may feel that you are not good enough for the University that you are studying in. Or you may feel that you are going to fail the examination. One thing that most students feel is that they are unable to find the correct balance between work and life.


You feel like a machine

Being into the University, you may feel that you have become a machine. When you are a student you have a continuous process of writing assignments, notes, and many other things. You may feel, you have become a game on your computer.

You can take the example of Packman. He has a limited boundary, even if Packman clears all the levels.  You need to push off all the bad vibes, during this time. Think of a better and brighter future.  Moreover, you should not lose hope. Think of the time when you will be in an optimal condition.


Emotional discharge

When you are a student there is a continuous chain of gossip that goes around you. You may have a lot of emotional discharge. Moreover, you cannot tell if anyone is loyal and reliable to you or not. Also, if you are away from home you may feel homesick and emotional discharge will be a lot more than the others. So, when you feel all this emotional discharge is bugging you a lot, you need to find an outlet to get all the emotional baggage out of you.


Looming deadline

Another major struggle is overloaded assignments. You may have a lot of assignments to submit all at the same time. When there is an overloaded work, you may feel burdened. Moreover, you will feel that you will be unable to match or meet the deadlines. This is an added struggle that you need to go through. However, it becomes super difficult and complex to get everything on track and complete the work on time.


Hard to cope

Everyone faces the time in students' life when they feel they have no one. This is a difficult time for them. Student life tells you a lot about other people. You may be needing someone, and they will turn their back on you. This is when you learn to be independent. Sometimes it gives you some priceless friends. However, most times you learn a lot about trust, loyalty, reliability and more.

Struggles that you need to keep in mind. They may not help you a lot but still prepare you for the future. Moreover, there’s a lot to learn from them.

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