Stress and the Immune System

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For people studying stress, do you understand stress and the immune system?

I understand that stress represses the immune system, but that is all i understand from it, help!

Beka xo

Posted: 14-04-11 15:01 by Beka Theaker

Yeah, Umm basically there are numerous studies to suggest that stress has an effect on the immune system...

1. Kiecolt and Galzer took a blood sample from 27 medical students who were having an exam in 1 months time. He then calculated there TCell Lymphocyte activity (the white blood cell that fights infection, viruses and bacteria in the immune system. He then re-calculated their TCell Lymphocyte activity in their blood when the students had 1 week until their exam. The found that the activity of this white blood cell had reduced. This suggest that stress has an impact on the immune system because the white blood cell that fights of infection had been reduced.  

2. Kiecolt and Glazer later on tested the recovery time of a blister on couples arms. They found that married couples that were going through conflictive periods healed there blister wounds slower than happier married couples. This suggests that stress influences the immune system's ability to heal wounds on people who are going though interpersonal conflicts.

3. Gera found that people who unexpectedly lost a loved one showed lower TCell Lymphocyte activity, this was measured after 40 days after the death. This suggests that Stress reduces the activity of the Tcell and therefore being more probed to illness.

Basically it is the reduction of Tcell Lymphocyte activity which study suggests can be affected by stress and therefore people are more likely to become ill when going through stressful periods.

Hope this helps!!!! 

Posted: 14-05-11 13:57 by Dannie

Just thought I'd add, Kiecolt-Glaser is one person & she's a woman! :)

Posted: 06-06-11 18:02 by Katherine Watson