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How do I cope with all the stress of year 11? I have 8 controlled assessments in the next few weeks and Im so worries, confused and stressed:( help:(

Posted: 18-09-12 22:07 by Mackenzie

try to spread things out so you do say and hour or two of work each night then have a nice break and relax for a bit, then do some more, get a good mix of work and relaxing.

Posted: 18-09-12 22:10 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Don't revise for long hours at a time
Take regular breaks
drink and eat regularly
Don't revise too late at night.
Relax for a bit before school before doing work to unwind
take deep breaths and relax, you can do it!
Work a timetable out - prioritize the earlier assessments now and do more revision for the others later:) 

Any questions?

Posted: 19-09-12 00:09 by Alex