Stick to revision? :/

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I've read alot of chatting about like additional features to getrevising like friend lists and chat rooms but i feel like its kinda distracting from the purpose : to revise , obviously people should be allowed to chat and stuff but maybe centred around school life/student life/subjects? Just my opinion, anyone agree?

Posted: 04-06-12 18:38 by Lamise Hassan

yes i agree with you the end of the day it's not a social get together(there are plenty of sites to do that) it's sole purpose is to allow students to talk and help each other out about school,college, careers,and most importantly REVISION! 

Posted: 04-06-12 18:56 by anonymous

Hence getREVISING! lol

Posted: 04-06-12 19:01 by Lamise Hassan

Yeah, this should just be for revision - there's Facebook and other social network sites for talking. I agree with you.

Posted: 04-06-12 19:44 by Joanne

I agree with this, there are some times when using this site that i'm more distracted and procrastinating than actually using it for revision, and now its kinda bugging me. Taking away the 'revising' part of getrevising would mean that temporarily blocking sites like facebook to avoid procrastination would be useless. So, yeah, I'd have to agree with this.

Posted: 05-06-12 11:34 by Ed

Agree with this completely! Otherwise it would be just the same as other social networks, except with "revision" in its name, which gives the illusion that you are revising.

Posted: 07-06-12 14:49 by Blue and Red

I also agree with all the above! And labiba I agree with you too! The discussions on the website sometime distract me as well.

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Posted: 09-06-12 23:17 by furuba fan

I already get distracted by these discussions far too much...

Maybe I should do some chemistry revision now...

Posted: 11-06-12 13:46 by Lauren

Yeah, I don't see why people are wanting to have all this friend request malarky on this site. I mean, I could understand private messaging at a push because someone might want to ask another user something about a resource or what-not, but the main focus of this site needs to stay on revising.

That focus is partly what has helped me get through AS this year, because I could sit and focus and not get distracted by notifications of friend requests...

Posted: 01-07-12 12:36 by sammiecaine