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I'm in my final year at school and I was wondering how I would go about applying to a sixth form? 

Posted: 10-09-12 19:48 by Nathan Birtwell

Go on their website to get info on their open day, which is usually in October, also see if their application is available to download and if not youll have to go to the open day :) Good luck!

Posted: 10-09-12 20:08 by Lamise Hassan

if i were you i would Follow these simple steps:

-make a list of all the subjects that you want to study i.e A-levels, Betec extended diplomas, nvq`s ect

-Make a list of all the colleges you want to go to that offer your course of choice.This might be looking at the college prospectus/website/attending to the open days/workshops ect

Make sure that you are realistic about the chioce of college you want to go to...i mean you dont want to catch three buses to a college on the othern side of town just because your mates are going there because you would be worn out/late every single day

-Make sure you attend to the open days on offer or book them with the college. Talk to the subject tutors, ask about the course content, entry requirements, ask relevant questions ie what is the benefit of the course, if you have to pay for additional things for your course

-Make an application to the sixth form via sending in application forms. In my 6thform (grammer) they looked at my predicted grades for my GCSES/ interview/personal statement/entry test exam results to see whether or not i qualified a place at the 6thform. 

-The 6thform send you an invitation to the interview depending when you send your application so the earlier you send it the more you are garunteed a place

-6thforms also send you conditional offers ie gcses grades youn need to achieve in order to attend college. All you need to do is get them!

Hope it makes sense to you ;)

Posted: 11-09-12 17:21 by ELectrica!

Yes, Thankyou!! :D How many A-Levels would you suggest taking whilst at 6th form?

Posted: 12-09-12 16:51 by Nathan Birtwell

Well it really depends on a number of factors but the main ones are:

-What sort of universitiy you want to apply to. I want to apply for oxbridge so i had to do 5-Alevels (and 1 AS) in order to get a space. The typical offer is 3 Alevels subjects and 1 AS subject or you could stick to 3 Alevels

-What your predicted GCSEs grades are. I was predicted 10 A*s and i managed to achieve them  all. So make sure that your targets Alevel choices are realistic and leading to a relistic career option 

Hope that answers your question ;)

Posted: 12-09-12 17:02 by ELectrica!