Sprechst du Deutsch?

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I have a German test coming up... any revision tips?

Thanks :)

Posted: 26-01-11 20:29 by Hazza

I recommend going through the exam process,
so if its a speaking exam- sit with the microphone at lunch with a friend, get them to ask you the questions whilst you answer with just your prompt sheet.
If its writing, try writing everything out in one hour (in silence on your own) with just your prompt sheet to help you.
if it not GCSE and just a vocab test, do the old trick- look at it, copy it down, say it out loud, cover it up them write it down again.
hope this helps! good luck in your test/exam :)

Posted: 05-02-11 17:09 by Kate

thank you very much, I'm sure that'll be very useful. I will try some of those methods! :)

Posted: 05-02-11 22:57 by Hazza

Yes,I speak German.Sorry for late reply.

I think you should go through some quick questions.Like previously advised you should talk to a friend ask each other questions.What are you looking for-as in which exam do you have?

Posted: 12-02-12 21:12 by Priya

actually, it was a german end of unit exam, so not a massive deal. but it was a year ago. thanks for your advice anyway, but as a matter of fact I no longer study german!!!! :)

Posted: 12-02-12 22:13 by Hazza

I am sorry,that was my bad then.But I hope you got a good grade!!!

Posted: 13-02-12 09:34 by Priya

yes I did thank you! thanks anyway :D

Posted: 13-02-12 10:09 by Hazza

No Problem. :-)

Posted: 13-02-12 11:19 by Priya

ich muss mein deutsch fuer GCSE verbessern, wer kann deutsch reden?

Posted: 19-04-12 15:25 by Dilara Sangha

Correction: "Sprichst du deutsch?"

You can also say "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

And Yes...I do speak German and I guess that this will be very beneficial for us when coming to choose Universities as studying languages is always a way to show your intelligence!

Posted: 17-01-13 12:22 by Anjali Y