Specification changes? Psychology B aqa unit 1

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Im looking to retake psychology unit 1 to get extra ums in the summer but it's been a year since I did the exam so I only have the second editiion textbook.  Have there been any specification changes that I need to know? (Can't really find them online)


Posted Thu 7th March, 2013 @ 17:41 by .

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Erm I don't know if its changed but neurosurgery is no longer in biopsychology. That's all I know. Good luck I did it in January.

Answered Thu 7th March, 2013 @ 18:04 by Bethany Cunningham
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According to the AQA website, the latest spec was first examined in Jan 2012 and hasn't changed since then. I only teach AQA(A) but the vast majority of text books available don't reflect the 2012 changes. As the changes were minor it doesn't matter from a teacher's point of view because it's easy to work round it but I'd recommend checking with your teacher because the small changes can make a big difference if you're aiming at a high grade.

Answered Fri 8th March, 2013 @ 11:52 by janet m