Speaking Exam?

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Does anybody know what the actual task is in the Punjabi Speaking Exam? (AQA)

My Panjabi class is a bit clueless and the teachers don't know what's happening. So...do you?


Posted: 12-04-11 10:08 by Aman

the only thing you could do is check the exam board website.. or check a text book you use in your class..

although i don't take Punjabi, i do take French, and that's how i found out my topic areas.. 

hope this helps:D x

Posted: 14-04-11 15:33 by hannahhunyhoops

Yeah, thanks for that. It's a bit clearer now. Our class doesn't use text books (I know!) so no use there, but looking at the AQA website helped. Thanks!

Good luck for your French exam!

Posted: 20-04-11 21:02 by Aman