speaking assesment help?!?!?!

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hv to do a speakin assesment on crooks frm of mice and men, bt i hv 2 speak frm hiz point of view about things dat hv upset im or mde im happy

hv u gt any ideas wat i should do it bout??? itz 4 thursday please help :) ***

Posted: 17-04-12 21:33 by Sabah x

u dumb person sabah talk bout tha part wen his dog got shot

Posted: 23-04-12 14:41 by [email protected]@xxXxx

haha lol sana im nt tlkin bout candy

gd did u even read da book 4 da mock on mndaii???!!!!!


Posted: 23-04-12 16:21 by Sabah x

npe dats y i failed lol xxxxx

Posted: 24-04-12 09:57 by [email protected]@xxXxx


Posted: 24-04-12 10:18 by Sabah x

Lol mwaah ***

Posted: 25-04-12 21:34 by [email protected]@xxXxx