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Hey Guys,

I have my speaking exam on Monday 11th :S. Im preparing answers to 70 questions and we have to answer on them for 7-9 minutes. As soon as Im done I will upload them here so you guys can try and learn from it.

Good lukc to anyone who has their speaking exam soon!

Posted: 08-05-09 20:59 by David

ive had mine and i had to do a presentation- it was really easy, good luck!

Posted: 10-05-09 20:57 by sara

Im hoping mines easy xD

Posted: 10-05-09 21:09 by David

It went ok, Role Play was about a Disco and I only stuttered a few times.... ah well :P

Posted: 11-05-09 18:30 by David

mine was about disco too! i doubt stuttering would bring down your mark or else ive failed horribly

Posted: 11-05-09 18:45 by sara