Spanish Speaking

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So how did all you guys go?

i just had mine this morning, i took the foundation on a OCR course, my teacher definately said i would get my C, which is rad!

what about you guys?

Posted: 04-05-10 14:35 by Charlotte Kearney

mine is tomorrow... the morning! i am terrified! lol, hopefully it will go ok though.. although i don't think i iwll do very well i just dont get spansih :)

Posted: 04-05-10 17:49 by flo

i know so so many people like that, i think its a thing were as you either click with it or you don't.

Posted: 04-05-10 17:50 by Charlotte Kearney

agreed :P

Posted: 04-05-10 19:42 by flo

how did your oral go?! :)

Posted: 05-05-10 17:19 by Charlotte Kearney

Ughhh i have to memorise it for friday :/ im scared cos memorising just isnt my thing

Posted: 09-02-11 20:48 by Zeynab Rambo