College Dilemma!! I need advice/help from A level students and Uni students

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Basically i'm suppose to start year 12 this september but unfortunately i have no idea what college i'm going to because they wont let me do the A level chemistry course so i was wondering whether i will be able to take other courses for now and resit chemistry and take a gap year and retake courses for AS/A2. I am very very very passionate about becoming a doctor and this has always been mine and my parents dream but unfortunately under the circumstances i only i achieved a C in chemistry so i REALLY NEED TO RESIT! But pls advice me if you think otherwise or been in similar situation.. PLEASE i need help!!

Posted Sun 1st September, 2013 @ 04:44 by Ashia sayed
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I would try and resit your chemistry at the same time as doing a-levels but on the condition that if you don't get the grade you need, you would have to leave and do another course while you resit again?

Answered Sat 12th April, 2014 @ 18:36 by Caitlin Ward