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What is the best way to revise for english

Thank you ***

Posted: 02-04-11 22:17 by Pwincessxx

past papers.if liriturs make nothes on book and read over and past papers :)

hope i helped

Posted: 03-04-11 10:46 by sarah jane

plans are really important and a really good way to revise. find a few past paper questions and give yourself 15+ minutes to plan for each one. let yourself use your material if it's an open paper exam. If not then do the plans without then check them over afterwards.

Posted: 03-04-11 18:08 by Lucy Grimes

Aww thank you guys sooo much *** Very helpful xD

Posted: 03-04-11 21:40 by Pwincessxx

thats alright

Posted: 06-04-11 08:58 by shane

How do your revise different Culture Stories??? Thank You G

Posted: 23-04-11 15:09 by Giannina

to practice questions and either right the whole essay or just plan it. If it's lit it's good to remember pages for quotes, you could make flashcards for this. hope this helped :)

Posted: 07-05-11 14:59 by Dominique Manners