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today I walked the dog :L

Posted: 26-07-12 19:38 by Neon

Close enough XD xxxx

Posted: 26-07-12 19:39 by priya777

wait... couldn't my dog count as Chinese cuisine? 

Posted: 26-07-12 19:41 by Neon

lol.. not quite inferno.. 

Posted: 26-07-12 19:48 by SciTech

nuuuuuuuuuuuu! xDD no eating the doggieee xDD xxxx

Posted: 26-07-12 19:54 by priya777


Posted: 26-07-12 19:56 by SciTech

lol... wait, is that Japanese? Or... maybe Indonesian I think? :P

Posted: 27-07-12 17:37 by Neon

So wait... We started from 6th form induction days, and we've ended up at japanese dog eating? Lord God give me strength....

Posted: 01-08-12 00:26 by Re-Re