Sixth Form Dilemma help pleease

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Ok i just finished my GCSEs this year (woohooo) and I only applied to one college as I knew I would be going to Egypt to do my studies over there. buuut due to the current civil unrest it doesn't look like we will be going :/. That one college I applied to is mixed and Idek why I applied there because I know I do not want to go to a mixed college due to personal/religious reasons. However, there is a grammar sixth form and I would like to go there: Altrincham Grammar Sixth Form for Girls. So I would like to know if it's worth a shot and apply on results day and email them beforehand to tell them about my situation? Also, has anyone else applied to a sixth form/college on results day and how it went? I am seriously kicking myself for not applying before..I mean 4 of my friends got a conditional offer and it sucks knowing I hd a good chance of getting accpeted before. Please help as I feel like my whole life is going to go down the drain :'(

Posted Sat 17th August, 2013 @ 19:01 by sumaiyah mohammed

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i know some colleges still accept people on the results day even if u havent applied to the college before.. and also you could try emailing the college you want to go to and explain situation, as your not making a loss by emailing them, if they reject you at least no that they dont have spaces so 

1. email the college your interested and explain your situation

2. Lookout for colleges near your area, some do allow you to enrol on results day even if u havent applied before, but you will have to go ASAP to the college..

And good luck with your results tomorrow

Answered Wed 21st August, 2013 @ 16:33 by ? Secret - Team GR