Show correct answer on quizzes.

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When you get an answer wrong, it would be really helpful if it could then show you what the correct answer to the question was instead of just a red cross - so you know why you got it wrong.

Posted: 08-06-12 15:18 by Joanne

There is an option at the the top of the page to show you the correct answers.

Posted: 08-06-12 15:40 by Lauren

Oh is there thanks, didn't know that =)

Posted: 08-06-12 22:25 by Joanne

Aww, bless ya :)

Posted: 10-06-12 02:34 by Leah

Hehe :/

Posted: 10-06-12 12:19 by Joanne

doesn't it already do that?? :?

Posted: 10-06-12 19:46 by Namita

Did you manage to find it okay? :)

Posted: 11-06-12 13:43 by Lauren

Oh I haven't done another quiz yet but I'll look soon thanks =)

Posted: 11-06-12 17:36 by Joanne

When you finish a quiz there's an option either at the top or bottom to show the answers :)

Posted: 01-07-12 12:25 by sammiecaine

Maybe it should show the answers automatically? I mean, instead of clicking 'show correct answers' or something at the bottom, why aren't the answers already there after you finish the quiz?? Surely everyone would want to know where they've gone wrong anyway!

Posted: 01-07-12 22:19 by FutureMedic

you can click to show the answers but i think it would be better if they came up automatically as  Lisa.L said :D

Posted: 06-07-12 10:05 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR