Should we grow 'Genetically Modified' food?

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Think about the possibilites! Or think about the potential hazards...

Posted: 31-05-11 16:47 by Chris

There are both advantages and disadvantages but it depends on youself

The advantages is:

  • of genetically engineered bacteria is that they can make exactly the protein needed.
  • helped lower the usage of herbicide and pesticide
  • can produce sustainable agriculture
  • used to treat genetic disorders and cancers. helps supplying new body parts.
  • helped production of other vaccines and other drugs in plants. 
  • Develop insulin for diabetic patients.

The disadvantages:

  • new science, concerned about long-term effects.
  • it's unnatural
  • ethical issues
  • mistakes have devastating repercussion

mention about some benefits and disadvantage and have a conclusion at the end ;)

Posted: 06-06-11 13:48 by Unknown

Sure, growing GM food sounds like a great windfall- all the possibilities of growing plants that naturally produce antibiotics, or have very high concentrations of certain vitamins and minerals, and plants that naturally deter pests, so we don't need to use pesticides- there's just the problem of it being unnatural.

But you're right, there are potential hazards. For example- the plants that don't need pesticides- that gene for pest resistance could spread to other closely related plant species that may actually be a weed, thus bringing us back to square one- weeds that are growing amongst crops, and we are unable to get rid of them, so by genetically modifying them we would end up actually reducing the yield. This problem could also happen within non-weed relatives of crop plants- passing on additional genes to other plants could result in less genetic variation, and therefore a less stable species.

Modified plants could also be toxic to other organisms, including humans. We don't know what effects these plants will have, in the short term or in the long term. 

Bit of a controversial subject, that!

Posted: 11-06-11 12:07 by Hannah