should we allow cameras into court?

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Posted: 18-04-12 19:35 by Gabby Tracey

I see no reason for cameras not to be allowed into court..

Posted: 18-04-12 19:43 by Rayanne :)


Posted: 18-04-12 19:47 by Gabby Tracey

They once arrested a lil old man for recording (on a voice recorder) a court session.

He'd been doing it all his life.

It was his hobby.

Poor thing. He did nothing wrong.

Posted: 18-04-12 19:49 by Rayanne :)

Yes- to see the stupid murderers make a tantrum on "not killing" the victim. 

Posted: 18-04-12 19:50 by LP-FTW

^ explain what you mean by that.

Posted: 18-04-12 19:51 by Rayanne :)

You know, suspects get angry and demand a shorter sentence and eventually get into a fight. Bit hard to explain my thoughts...I'm probably the only one who can understand my thoughts.

Posted: 18-04-12 19:54 by LP-FTW

haha :P same.

i kind of understand what you mean, although i dont think that happens openly in court.

i think thats more of a matter between criminal and laywer

Posted: 18-04-12 19:59 by Rayanne :)

we should be able to see our criminals be sentenced

Posted: 18-04-12 19:59 by Gabby Tracey

i dont think we should be able to see in courts for malicious reasons, but for educational reasons.

Posted: 18-04-12 20:05 by Rayanne :)

yeahhh same!

Posted: 18-04-12 20:36 by Gabby Tracey

i didnt realise we wernt meant to tbh.

i dont understand why we shouldnt be!

Posted: 18-04-12 21:02 by Rayanne :)

I thought they were allowed.... when celebrities are trialled ((or cases like the one going on now about the man who shot around 70 people at a youth camp)) they're boradcasted on TV.

Excuse this Gabby; but when MJ's doctor was trialled, the whole world was able to watch. Even the the case about the blood diamonds and Naiomi Cambell's involvement was boradcasted on live TV....

So doesn't that mean that camera's can be brought into court??

Posted: 24-04-12 13:39 by Fyzah :p

they are not allowed in COURTS

Posted: 24-04-12 18:28 by Gabby Tracey

They are if you've been given permission.

Posted: 25-04-12 09:32 by Fyzah :p