should abortion be allowed

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i believe some euthanasia should be allowed and only some abortions

Posted: 19-04-12 15:38 by Gabby Tracey

Yes because it should be up to the mother to decide whether she wants a child or not. Because if she doesn't want the child, the child's life is really going to be affected in a bad way. After all, the treatment you get in your childhood has a massive impact. And if the mother uses abortion as a form of contraception, that's extremely stupid, but you can't use the child as a punishment. It's not fair on the child.

Posted: 20-04-12 11:41 by Aparna

i think abortion shouldnt be allowed because ur taking someones life

unless the mother or child is in danger.

Posted: 20-04-12 11:46 by Zainab

I don't believe it should be allowed. I think that yes depending on the situation, i would be sympathetic to the person who wants to have it done but i still don't believe its the right thing to do. Right think of someone you love dearly or someone who has touched your life in a great way. Now imagine if this person was a result of a **** or something that would have cause their parents to consider having an abortion. Imagine how different your life would be without them. Personally I feel that every person deserves to have a shot at living in this world. Who am I to decide whether a child gets to live or not? The world sometimes can a cruel place but I can't rob a child of the opportunity to be that one person who could change the lives of millions. 

Posted: 21-04-12 15:56 by lava-mite

i don't think abortion should be allowed. I believe that everyone has a choice, but it's not only about a choice anymore. I think it's a murder. The baby, even if it's not born yet, is a human being, and killing it is wrong. That's what I believe in.

also I think that even if you can't raise a baby there's always adoption. 

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Posted: 21-04-12 16:33 by Natalia

I think that it should be allowed under certain circumstances like if it was as a result of **** or if the child would have severe disability and therefore a poor quality of life.

Posted: 21-04-12 17:03 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR