Shall I be a musician when I grow older and WHY?

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Shall I be a musician when i grow older because I am good in music; singing, piano, guitar and drums.

Posted: 17-04-12 17:11 by Seth.B

That would be cool!

Posted: 21-04-12 14:08 by Hannah

Yes because if you love it and are willing to work hard at it then you will be happy! :)

Posted: 01-05-12 21:07 by Emily Beadle

If you love it and it's all you want to do then yes because music's just fantastic and you'll love your job!! On a more serious note you won't earn as much as people in most other jobs as music is really underpaid:(

Posted: 04-05-12 23:26 by Oliver

I think the thing you have to ask yourself is how passionate are you? Are you the sort of person who wakes up thinking about music, and can see yourself being a musician no matter what troubles you may face? It's true, musicians are underpaid, but if you have the passion and the love for music, go for it! It's a hard business, but if it's what you love it'll be worth it! :)

Posted: 06-05-12 13:51 by Rhiannon

Being a musician would allow you to endorse yourself into music all times. Depending on your view of music would depend the route you take in your life in music yet the journey can be really painfull at times as there are a number of extroadinary musicians so competition is high but i wont say if you should become a musician or not because really no one can decide or give any advice to you because i dont think thats what counts... what counts is what music makes YOU feel and how you want to convey it whether you be a musician or a music teacher etc.

Posted: 06-05-12 21:27 by angeline

It would be great to do Music as a part-time.

Posted: 09-05-12 22:17 by Mel

In life you should do something that you will enjoy and if that thing is music then you should be a musican. there are loads of paths you can go down in music. like music teacher, conductor, music therapist, sound technician, dj etc. if you want to be a performer then go for it there are loads of gigs out there especially if you do a rare instrument.

Posted: 10-05-12 21:42 by jessica proctor

Yes, but you also need something else - money.

And musicians don't get very high salaries if they're not professionals and have something very special about themselves..

Posted: 14-05-12 20:28 by FutureMedic