Sequenza 3 by berio Is it music?

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Guys i have had to analyse this peace for my As and i am hoping that i get a question on it to talk about the style, because it is really easy to talk about because it is so od. But can you tell me if you think this is music or performance art. I personally feel it is performance art because it is showing what the voice can do and does not really have any real memorable rhythm.

So have a listen to it on youtube or something and tell me what you think here is the link: enjoy/or not

Posted: 19-04-11 14:30 by Charlie Young

defiantly performing art 

Posted: 07-05-11 14:52 by Dominique Manners

Of course, it's organised noise and it's like Berio accidentally composed it. It's just not an orthodox type of music that most people recognise as music.

Posted: 07-05-11 16:04 by Hugh