seen as tho fay dint do conservation lets do a quick mission on it :D

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these are some ways species and habitats can be conserved;
plants can be conserved by seedbanks
fish can be conserved by fishing quotas
animals can be conserved by breeding programs
any organism can be conserved by relocation
and habitats can be conserved by protected areas

now people list the pros and cons for each one :D enjoy lmaooo

Posted: 14-12-09 13:46 by Robert Austick



Quotas are good because they limit the number of fish that fishermen This helps preserve the species! But the fishermen don't always agree with the given quotas. There are quotas on fish that are in high demand such as salmon.

Ermm that's about as much as I can remember from the top of my head lol

My notes are at home :P I'll add more when I find them! Peace x

Posted: 14-12-09 18:54 by Lauren Carry

One Million points to Rob for a rather excellent topic.

Posted: 14-12-09 23:58 by Mike McNicholas

I'll Have breeding programs! :)

Pro: It can help the endangered species to re-populate. By re-populating over time the genepool will expand in size, within this genepool now there will be some advantageous alleles which will enable the liklihood of survival back in the wild.

Con: Animals have difficulty breeding outside there natural environment

Con: Offspring grown in captive breeding will not develop that inate survival instinct as it is not in its natural environment

Con: Any outbreak of disease within captivity that is gone un-noticed in the animals when released back into the wild will be introduced into the already existing population and may have a devastating affect on the current population. So they effectively shoot themselves in the foot.

Posted: 15-12-09 19:01 by Matthew Maguire

I love how it's always us three on here lol

Posted: 30-12-09 18:47 by Lauren Carry

I like how this propper worked during the hols lol .....

Ok.... Who's up for Succession?? :)

Posted: 01-01-10 19:25 by Matthew Maguire

Sorry dudes i hardly get the time to come on the laptop =/ but anyway

I'll quickly do plants

Basically... urm seedbanks.. is where loads of different seeds are stored from lots of different species.. this then clearly helps to conserve endangered plants.

Urm different varites of each species can be conserved by storing a range of seeds from plants with different characteristics

by storing seeds... if a plant becomes extinct, the stored seeds can used to grow new plants..

Urm what else.. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrm

Advantages - you don't need much space for seeds so a large number of species can be conserved

they can be stored for a long period of time and can be stored anywhere..

Urm Disadvantages now i think - uuuurrm something about being viable.. they need to be tested to make sure they are viable, this can be expensive and time consuming..

urm i can't think of any think else for this so thats me done

Posted: 02-01-10 21:28 by Banisha Nayyar