science career?

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hey. can anyone give me any ideas on careers involving science or maths. except medicine. too hard :(

im currently in yr 12. doing as levels. maths, chem, bio, and history - heavy bunch ino :/

Posted: 06-11-12 22:47 by Nikkii

Have a look at this website

It has loads of different career ideas related to science and also what the job involves.

Posted: 07-11-12 16:20 by Sophie

hmm lets seee.......a street pharmacist XD

Posted: 07-11-12 16:24 by Waqar Khanny :)

Biochemistry, Military historian, mathematica... I don't know really

Posted: 07-11-12 16:32 by sharaan

You could do a degree in one of the sciences like biology and specialise in a certain field?

Posted: 07-11-12 16:33 by Joanne

khanny wrote:

hmm lets seee.......a street pharmacist XD

 loool XDD i wanna be 1

Posted: 07-11-12 18:11 by Sabah

Thanx Sophie. And lol Khanny :)

Posted: 07-11-12 18:23 by Nikkii

haha lol sabah ik itz been ur dream eva since we were kidz LOL XDD

hah nikki XP

Posted: 07-11-12 18:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

omg lool yeah it haz haha XDD

Posted: 14-11-12 17:41 by Sabah

How about a scientist or psychologist or audiologist...:)

Posted: 15-11-12 18:08 by S.H