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Well to get the ball rolling... I am taking a science module exam soon for P2, C2 and B2. Is anyone else? Tips for revision / not completely and utterly freaking out would be appreciated. Cheers :-)

Posted: 10-04-09 13:48 by Izzie Sims

I have an AS physics module in late May, just started revising for it.

GCSE science modules are OK. Are you doing AQA? Because that's what we did, and I went through the textbook, made notes, then practiced a couple of past papers for my revision in years 10/11. Making notes doesn't work for everyone though, as it can get a bit boring... spider diagrams?

Posted: 11-04-09 10:39 by Rachel

I'm doing OCR 21st Century. I find power points work for me. then you can load them onto get revsing as well. :)

Posted: 11-04-09 14:02 by Izzie Sims

Yeah, that's what I did last year I think. Useful because then other people can use them too.

Posted: 11-04-09 14:48 by Rachel

I have made posters for my bedroom wall, may sound sad but it's really helped. Also CGP revision guides and work books are good.

Posted: 19-04-09 16:39 by Alice

I agree. I am not very good at just reading through guides sometimes because I have attention span problems. I just get bored. But if you're gonna read guides it might be a good idea to read them before you go to bed because you will retain more inofrmation. Same as if you wanna learn a song, listen to it before you go to bed because you'll remeber it better. :)

Posted: 20-04-09 17:33 by Izzie Sims

science modules arent too bad... when i did mine... i read through the revision guides.. and made notes... the GCP revision guides are good as they have questions to do at the end of each topic! :)

Posted: 21-04-09 19:26 by nikki sharrock

Yeah the CGP ones are great. love 'em. what exams are everyone else doing?

Posted: 22-04-09 18:34 by Izzie Sims

I'm Doing AQA, Each seperate.

I'm only year 10, so I've done core science so far, but I'm resitting 4/6 :(

I've got a textbook that has just what you need to know, and no blabble, because it calms me down about how much i need to know :)



Posted: 31-05-09 15:36 by Talitha Trynka-Watson

Is it the Letts ones? I have those and the same thing - only stuff you need to know, they are great for science and although they havn't got all the jokes that CGP do they are nicely presented. I also have the question books that go with them (although they do have practise questions in the main study guides) because it's the calculations i really struggle with, especially for chemisty. I'd really recommend them, although, because they try to condense everything down to the bare minimum I sometimes have to refer to my class notes as well if there is a topic I don't understand, plus they don't cover the "how science works/ethical" stuff.

Most of the time i just read through my text book but I look at a page (or two), then test myself over and over again until i can summarise the whole page in my head.

Posted: 02-06-09 11:58 by E. Frostydino

would you guys say that workbooks help? cos sometimes I can't understand a topic until i put it into context. I've got a six hour tech exam coming up! :( its split over two days though. stressy! and about three zillion science modules and those spanish asset tests. is anyone else doing the asset tests?

Posted: 02-06-09 16:41 by Izzie Sims

They definitely help a bit, but I wouldn't say they are worth it for all subjects. For some exams past papers is more useful but i'd say for maths, and IMO chemistry because there are quite a few calculations, maybe history as well (like for the sources) they are really good. Good Luck for all your exams Izzie, I've got a long weekend now but a few more next week, one the week after.

Posted: 04-06-09 18:12 by E. Frostydino

thankyou! whoever else is taking exams, good luck to you all. ***

Posted: 04-06-09 19:10 by Izzie Sims

who had a b2,c2,p2 exam today??

Posted: 17-01-11 18:36 by Malik.M

I did B2,C2 and P2 however my examining board was edexcel, however they went alright. For anyone doing the triple science bit of the edexcel course I will warn you now the exams are harder than you think!

Posted: 30-09-12 17:07 by Alice Deane